Pay Per Click

Are you thinking about running a pay-per-click search engine campaign? Want your site to appear in the "Sponsored Matches" at the top of the search results? Already running a pay-per-click campaign and want to improve it? Then Internetimm provides you Pay-Per-Click marketing services with the high ROI.

Our Pay-Per-Click search marketing professionals will give you the Pay-Per-Click campaign setup, monitor and maintain highly successful advertising campaigns that promote your web site via the pay-per-click search engines and their network of partner sites.

    Internetimm provides you given below services for Pay-Per-Click Marketing:

  1. Set up an account in Google AdWords & Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture).

  2. Selection of targeted keywords for you business.

  3. Creation of targeted and effective text ads.

  4. Effective use of Geo-targeting ads.

  5. Monitor your campaign & measure your ROI (Return on Investment).

  6. Campaign performance reports generation.

  7. Creation of PPC landing pages.

Internetimm Pay-Per-Click search marketing professionals streamline and tweak your target keywords list and optimize your text ads for higher conversions. Customized your PPC campaign via target specific geographic & demographic markets and create successful landing pages on your site for more conversions. Internetimm continuously monitor your campaign & ROI (Return on Investment) and provides you customized campaign performance reports.

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